Our wonderful group at Olana.

I had the distinct pleasure of leading, with Dr. Philip Zimmerman, a wonderful group of people on a unique tour in October of famous mansions in New York’s beautiful and historic Hudson River Valley.

Our stops included Olana, the stunning home of painter Frederick Edwin Church; Locust Lawn, built in 1814 for Col. Josiah Hasbrouck and now a museum and extraordinary time capsule; Albany State Capitol, a hotbed of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture; and the Fred J. Johnstone Museum, a treasury of 18th and early 19th century furniture and decorative arts.

Dr. Zimmerman, a noted American furniture expert and museum consultant, led us on a fantastic journey through history and even got us behind the velvet ropes at some of the museums, where visitors are usually not allowed. And he gave us insight into furniture and decorative arts we could not have gotten from anyone else.

What a treat!

Dr. Zimmerman talking to the group at the Fred J. Johnstone Museum.

Fred J. Johnstone Museum.

Dr. Zimmerman and me in the Albany State Capitol.

Locust Lawn.

An illuminating talk at Locust Grove.

A gorgeous view of the Hudson River Valley from Olana.

More Dr. Zimmerman insight at the Fred J. Johnstone Museum.

Fred J. Johnstone Museum.