Sheats-Goldstein_HouseJoin me for a private tour of the Sheats-Goldstein House, the iconic John Lautner-design residence which has been been featured in many movies and videos such as Charlie’s Angels and The Big Lebowski. The home is a private residence and open only upon invitation.

The owner, Jim Goldstein, has asked that a $15 donation (plus $1 credit card transaction charge) be collected for the John Lautner Foundation to help support their educational mission, in return to opening his house to us.

The address is 10104 Angelo View Drive. Please DO NOT park on the block in front of the house, as the neighbors get upset and we could lose our visiting privileges. You can park on Davies Drive, about a block away. After you arrive at the driveway of the house, walk down the path to the courtyard where I will meet you. Please wear flat shoes and please do not bring any food or drink inside the house. Take lots of pictures and enjoy!

Sheats-Goldstein House_with EleanorPlease note that the tour is open only to adults.

Saturday, August 8, 2015
10:00 AM
Sheats-Goldstein House
10104 Angelo View Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Price: $17.00 per person
Pay online