Sit Down Darling-Ian and EleanorSit Down Darling. . . Let’s Talk Design” is a lively and informative show that covers architecture and design from ancient times to the present. Hosted by Eleanor Schrader, design historian, and Ian Patrick, interior designer, the show reveals fascinating – and sometimes humorous – details about the important place of design in our lives.



Sit Down Darling. . . Let’s Talk Design

Classical Architecture: Done to Death in the Wrong Way (Episode 1)


Architects: Bred to Be Stars (Episode 2)

The Lipstick Incident (Outtake 1)

Renaissance: Convergence of Ideas (Episode 3)

French Baroque: No Bathrooms at Versailles (Episode 4)

Gothic Design: For a Greater Power” (Episode 5)

Outtake 2: Don’t Stand Still in France

Hazards of Early Craftsmanship: Combustible Ladies’ Corsets & More” (Episode 6)

French Baroque: Louis XIV Excess” (Episode 7)

Classical Architecture: Getting the Proportions Right (Episode 8)

French Rococo & Royal Mistresses (Episode 9)

Outtake 3: The Swing & The Croissant Factory

Connecting the Dots (Episode 10)

Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette: The Butch & the Fey (Episode 11)

Neoclassicism in the Time of Louis XVI (Episode 12)

Potatoes & High Hair (Episode 13)